Short stories by Bobby Fox in Yareah magazine

Bobby Fox

Bobby Fox

Recently the author Bobby Fox has published some short stories in Yareah. Fantastic! I have enjoyed them.

Love & Vodka (Ukrainian trip)

Tree Hugger 1 (boy bulling)

Tree Hugger 2 (the revenge)


About Stephenie Meyer

Twilight cover

Followed by New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, Twilight is the first novel of this famous series.

Full of romanticism and vampirism, adventures and generous feelings, it is not a surprise its big success among teenager and young people since its publishing in 2005.

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Murillo and Mark Twain’s children

by Murillo

by Murillo

Always helpless, always asking for our protection, books and paintings are full of boys. I once read that Lady Di’s success was in her photos, impossible to take a bad photo of her because her helpless image aroused in the spectator the need to be her friend. The same happens with children main characters, when the book ends we continue having the need to be at their side.

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, a Baroque Spanish painter, knew it. He worked for the Church and nobles but, in spite of it, whenever he could he transformed Virgins, Madeleines and Saints into girls and boys, preferably poor children… still more helpless.

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Yareah magazine issue 19 ‘Seven to Seven’

Yareah magazine issue 19