Spanish Film Directors. Jose del Rio. Bach in Madrid

Spanish film directors: Jose del Rio! Director Jose del Rio has just finished a fine documentary about the spiritual dialogue between Madrid people and the life and feelings of 600 musicians, who have being playing Johann Sebastian Bach sacred music during years in different old churches of the Spanish capital. Exquisite and different! Once again Jose del Rio rocks!

He told Yareah Magazine: ‘I want to make an epic documentary, a documentary which reflects Bach marvelous music, but also the feelings of the musicians and public, the daily problems of a project so difficult, and the happiness of a well-done work.’

Read the complete article and see the teaser here:

Jose del Rio is a Spanish filmmaker, born in Madrid in 1970. His works include: Un. Una, 2003 (He. She), Te y Café, 2005 (Tea and coffee), Jauja, 2007, Escultura de Cartón, 2010 (Cardboard Sculpture) and Bach in Madrid.

Film director Jose del Rio